Every travel is different and customised to your companies needs, requirement and budgets.

  • Kick offs

    Set your companies agenda for the year ahead with a successful kick-off.

    The people in your company are one of your key competitive advantages, and the kick-off presentation you give can educate, inspire and motivate them, driving great results for the year ahead. A recap on the passing year with an emphasis on what’s to come will solidify the company’s direction for your employees.

  • Incentives

    Set a goal for your employees and thank them for reaching and exceeding goals!

    Employee incentives can play a significant role in retaining the employees you most want to keep. They also play a huge role in attracting employees to join your organization.

"A new environment can offer you & your employees a fresh perspective & increase productivity"

  • Management meetings

    Why You Should Hold Your Next Meeting Outside the Office.

    The most productive and effective meetings are now thought to have been attended off site – at a location outside the office. "A new environment can offer you & your employees a fresh perspective & increase productivity”.

  • Seminars

    We spend our time researching, planning and negotiating to help clients get the event that they want.

    Don't be swayed with worry and doubt that hiring an event coordinator is not cost effective or necessary... We know the pitfalls in event planning – and how to avoid them!

  • Professional programs

    Let us put together a full program for your company event from A to Z.

  • Speakers

    Need an external speaker?

    Be inspired by some of the best motivational speakers.


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